Friday, 13 January 2012

Aryan Society for Reserch in Yoga and Naturopathy

For India's Ancient Education, Culture and living standards as well as physical fitness of people,the Aryan society for research in Yoga and NaturoPathy is established. The society is located in Punjab state of India which is the holy land of Saints, Gurus, Priests and Scholars.

The main Motive of the society is to Promote yoga therapist and Naturopathy, Accupressure, accupuncture, yoga, Naturecure, Cow, Sujok, Reiki, medical astrology and other drugless therapies at world level and all includes in the agenda of the society.

To organise seminars for the awareness of yoga and naturopathy, arrangement for the educations of drugless therapies, Plantation, medical herbs, awaring the people for organic agriculture and organic food, respecting yoga and naturopathies and to promote the education related to all to the new generation are the main principals of the society .The society is registered under the SR act xxi (1860) of Govt.Of India. 

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